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Our Staff

Our employees have a broad range of backgrounds and experience, but they are united by their passion for helping children. Learn more about a few of our featured employees below.

Louis Williams

13 years of tenure with The Pediatric Connection, gives Louis a strong perspective on what The Pediatric Connection does for others. He feels that the “thing that makes us unique and also sets us apart from the rest of the competition; is that there is a sincere heartfelt attitude in helping children with medical needs.” With genuine passion, we are committed to being advocates for children with medical needs and providing the greatest quality of life as we support and care for them at home. “When you see a child that we have taken care of from birth, and we have helped them to achieve a greater quality of life, there is no greater satisfaction.”

Passion also drives The Pediatric Connection’s involvement with the community. Louis recounts a Christmas story when we adopted a family of five. “Dad was suffering from cancer and was a self made photographer. Mom was an extraordinary mother, holding a family of amazing children and her husband together, with modest means. They had five of the most wonderfully talented children. We provided Christmas gifts that we felt would be adored (various musical instruments and accessories for each child) and the Christmas meal. We came with all the fanfare and joy of Christmas giving, however, nothing could match the gift they gave us when they started to sing songs of the season. Their voices were exquisite instruments and they used them to perform melodious harmonies that uplifted us all. At that moment, the sentiment in my heart revealed the ageless adage, ‘that it is better to give than receive’.”

Donna Mills

“It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.” Donna Mills feels that the personal growth she experiences while extending our mission into the community and making a difference in the lives of those who are often feeling lost and helpless is immeasurable. “All of the experiences come together at the end of the day and impact my life as well. You can not do this work and have your opinions of life not change. You gain much more understanding of your fellow man. Things that are important to you change and you become a very grateful and giving person. Each of these children is ‘one of my stories’; they are part of my personal Butterfly Effect!” This ‘Butterfly Effect’ is why 7 1/2 years later Donna is still working hard to fulfill The Pediatric Connection’s mission and foster the one on one relationships with our patients and their families that ensure they always get the best care possible.

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