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Our Story

Founded by Beth Bailey and Bruce Green, The Pediatric Connection, Inc. was established as a private corporation in September 1998. We have spent every day since our inception dedicated to improving the quality of life and quality of care for the children and families we serve.

As past coworkers at another company serving children, Beth and Bruce found they both had the same vision and heart for taking care of children. Utilizing both of their previous business experiences within the pediatric community, Beth and Bruce started The Pediatric Connection in the fall of 1998. In 1999, Marcia Hickory joined the team and brought her nursing expertise to the partnership.

Seemingly overnight, the company grew from five employees wearing multiple hats to a well-organized, nearly 170-staffed company. While funding such growth was a challenge, Beth and Bruce held on to their hope to ensure a much-needed niche was filled. Fortunately, The Pediatric Connection received the support it needed to continue growth and fruition. Beth and Bruce are dedicated to seeking and hiring individuals who are truly passionate to serve children and their families. According to Bruce, it is not difficult to find great people out there to hire, but it is constantly a challenge to make sure they are driven to serve The Pediatric Connection’s unique market niche. Once the right people are in the right role, amazing things can happen!

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