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The Pediatric Connection provides integrated and comprehensive home care services, as well as sophisticated medical equipment set-ups, exclusively for children. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you with any of the following services:

Clinical Respiratory Therapy – Provides evaluation, support, and teaching for children with pulmonary complications utilizing specialized equipment:

  • High-tech ventilator programs
  • Tracheostomy Patients (specialized Tracheostomy tubes, supplies, suction, and humidification)
  • Oxygen patients
  • Patient monitoring (Apnea monitors, Pulse oximetry)
  • Asthma Related Systems (Nebulizers, Aerochambers, Peak flow meters, Holding Chambers)
  • Sleep disorder breathing and other related diagnoses (CPAP/BIPAP/BIPAP-ST)
  • Automatic Blood Pressure, Thermometry, and Oximetry Monitoring
  • Specialized Cough Assist equipment for CF and other related diagnosis

**NEW!** Skilled Nursing – With the acquisition of Kidz Kare at Home, we’ve added a skilled nursing division, Kidz Connection. Our skilled nurses will provide compassionate care and education to families while promoting the patient’s ability to develop in the comfort of their own homes.

  • Full-service from Richmond location
  • Skills include: Daily weight checks, Lab Draws, IV Antibiotics, Enteral Therapy, NICU transition care, Synagis administration, burn/wound care, Oxygen, and Home safety checks.

Private duty nursing – Provides in-home medical care for children by experienced, competent pediatric nurses including nursing, educational, and child and parental support:

  • Full-service from two Virginia locations and one Georgia location
  • Home private duty staffing program (Medicaid Tech Waiver or Private insurance)
  • NICU transition program to assist in the transition from hospital to home with support and coordination of home care services.
  • Pediatric collaborative case supervision – A RN-supervised, interdisciplinary approach to providing quality care and patient satisfaction while maintaining or decreasing cost.

Transitional support – We assist in the patient discharge from hospital to home with support and coordination of all home care services.

Nutritional support – Enteral nutrition to include portable and stationary feeding pumps, supplies and formula.

**NEW!!** Pediatric Rehabilitative Technology – Many children with disabilities are limited in their mobility. Our Reabilitative equipment department is here to help. With the ability to customize any piece of adaptive equipment to fit specific patient needs, we’re helping children with mobility issues reach new heights!

  • Providing walking aids, wheelchairs, standers, strollers, feeding chairs, activity chairs, crutches, canes, bath seats, cribs, beds and so much more!
  • Each piece is custom designed to fit the patient’s individual needs.
  • Equipment and accessory storage is also available for easier mobility and transportation.
  • Storage is key – which is why most of our equipment folds compactly to transport.

Pediatric Home Medical Equipment and Supplies – Provides home medical equipment, including high-tech respiratory therapy equipment and enteral (tube) feeding supplies:

  • Home Phototherapy Program
  • Cardiac/Apnea Monitoring
  • Cough Assist
  • Manufacturer certified equipment repair and maintenance departments
  • Apnea Monitors
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Nebulizers
  • Ventilators
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